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Spring Cleaning

The tradition of spring cleaning helps ensure we get our homes cleaned out top to bottom at least once a year. Cleaning in spring also gets you ready for all the fun of summer. Now is the time to start making plans to clear your home of the stuffiness after a long winter. Once those daytime temperatures are warm enough to open the windows and let in a bit of air, you can start to think about other ways to give your home a bit of freshness.

Declutter, Organize and Simplify: Simply get rid of the items that have minimal use or are not at all used for any purpose. Getting rid of them actually makes the house look clutter-free and well managed. Organize the storage and the closet by adjusting the stuff in the baskets or containers to make the storage look clutter-free and it also makes things easy to find. Implement a simple yet functional approach by segregating the things and keeping what is essential for the room to look put together.

Clean Surfaces: Make time to tackle this part of spring cleaning and scrub your kitchen cabinets and counters, dust your bookshelves and coffee tables with microfiber cloths, and remove mildew from bathroom crevices to sanitize.

Clean Linens: Taking care of your bedding and other linens like curtains, table cloths, throws, and wreaths is as important as cleaning the entire house. The freshly laundered linens add up to the freshness of the bedroom.

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