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Code of Conduct 

1. Provide quality services to clients & customers

2. Maintain ethical & honest business practices

3. Maintain business practices that reflect on yourself and the group in a positive light.

4. Foster an environment of goodwill and trust among group members and customers

5. Maintain minimum attendance standards of 80% or higher

6. Maintain minimum productivity standards of 1 measured metric accomplished per month ( F2F - M2M given - Referral given - Invited Guest attended)

7.Report BING dollars, F2F, M2M, and Referrals in a timely manner

8. Maintain Exclusive membership to the group. (Your company may belong to multiple groups but please make our group the only one you are a member of)

9. Resolve conflicts within the group outside of meetings and appropriately with group leadership

10. Strive to send a substitute if you are unable to attend a meeting.

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