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Cremated Via Water?


Libby Ross


Media Release for McElyea and Owens Funeral Group

For Immediate Release:

Cremated via Water?

Flameless Water Cremation Now Available in Oklahoma

[Shawnee, Oklahoma] Many Americans suffer a natural fear of cremation. Often and understandably, that fear roots in fear of fire. Despite these fears combined with religious beliefs, as the more affordable option, the choice of cremation is growing in the funeral industry. With the rise of cremation by flame, there are some natural consequences often referred to as the GreenHouse Effect. During traditional fire-based cremation, harmful gasses emit into our environment and add to the Greenhouse Effect.

McElyea and Owens Funeral Group proudly are opening the first Flameless Water Cremation option for humans in Oklahoma.

The scientific name of flameless cremation is alkaline hydrolysis. Alkaline hydrolysis is a chemical process that decomposes a body into organic compounds and minerals. This gentle process utilizes 95% water, requires zero flames, and does not release harmful gas into the atmosphere, making flameless cremation an environmentally friendly option for pets and humans. Flameless water cremation is new to the industry and accounts for only 1% of cremations. We believe that number is going to change.

After the death of a loved one, life can be difficult financially too. We are providing this service to Oklahoma for under $1,000. Flameless Water Cremation is similar to the same natural decomposition that a body undergoes in a traditional grave.

In the United States, alkaline hydrolysis became patented in 1888. The Mayo Clinic in St. Louis later became the first to use this process for human bodies. In Oklahoma, this process has only been available for pets until now.

Creator: Libby Ross - Ross and Roll Marketing

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